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Sonic X's 10th year anniversary.

2013-04-06 09:09:06 by Sunshinethefox

I said on my last post that I wasn't going to be making anymore of these for a while, but screw it! If any of you are curious to know, today marks the 10th year anniversary since Japan first aired the anime know as "Sonic X" onto their networks back in 2003. I know that Sonic X was probably considered by fans to be the worst Sonic cartoon out of the 4 to be made, but I had a lot of fun watching it when I was younger.

Also, Nazo the hedgehog and the fan movies regarding him would have never been created without Sonic X. So that's another reason why I'm thankful for the show's existence! To celebrate, I've been watching full length episodes on Youtube. You can also watch them yourself on this channel:

Here's the promo where Nazo appears in, too:

You are also welcome to watch the English dub if you want, but I HIGHLY recommend the original Japanese version with subtitles. Simply because the episodes are better, and Chris Thorndike isn't as annoying. lol


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2014-06-29 21:17:53

Hey guys. Sunshine is just like any other animator or game-maker. He doesn't want comments saying "WE'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG!" or "I'M GETTING IMPATIENT! HURRY UP MAN!". He might be feeling stressed out and doesn't need your disapproval.


2013-12-25 12:38:55

Ok pal I think we've waited patiently long enough. Are you going finish this Nazo return or not? Because if your not then say your not because your just wasting your time and possibly our as well. If your not going to do it then don't I don't care at this point. But if you are then finish it. So we can get on with our lives. You know if wasn't going to finish it then you shouldn't have started this in the first place. Merry Christmas.


2013-08-12 01:42:25

Hey Sunshine?I just got to wonder how was Nazo created?But why wasn't he in Sonic X?Did they replace him with Chaos?Cause when I saw Nazo Unleashed,its exactly how Chaos came from dueing to the powers of the Master Emerald...
So...WTF?Why a little bit of the fans hate Sonic X?Its mostly better than Sonic Underground,SONIC THE HEDGEHOG(1st),and SonicThe Hedgehog(2nd)?
Don't you ever think they do another Sonic X series?Cause been 10 years since they finished it.Sonic X was a very interesting show,cause first of all,when Sonic Adventures was made,They introduced a few of the characters,and at Sonic Adventures 2,Shadow appeared,so they put those two games together to make in part of the series.BTW,have you ever heard of Sonic GX on Youtube,its very popular.If you know it,you like it.So...I just always wish Nazo could be in Sonic X if they still did the series,he could've been in the final season besides the Metallix...Anyway Happy 10th Anniversary of Sonic X.